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95 Published: 9-Jul-2017 5 out of 5 stars 4159 {{ review.content.title }} Extremely helpful Best book I have read. by Rajan Mishra on 7-Apr-2018 4127 A wonderful book, without a doubt. I have always looked for myself and for Muslims to be able to bring peace among ourselves. I think the book has done just that. I am so thankful to the author for writing this book. May Allah bless him/her, and may Allah make this book the best selling book on the planet, because I believe it deserves to be. Jazak Allah khayra, 'Alam. Disclaimer: The book summary and images may be used for educational and review purposes only. 2 out of 5 stars Very nice [Not a user] 12-Nov-2017 5134 Most enjoyable, lucid and well researched book The book seems to have been written by someone who has given much thought to the issues of the day, the pitfalls of modernity and the paths ahead. It is lucidly written, and the author is honest, fair and even compassionate in dealing with the different points of view expressed. I can think of no other book in which a table is used to show the different views. It is not a religious book as such; it is a warning about the dangers of religious polarisation in a secular world. Despite its title, it does not blame the West for the ills of the world, instead it blames fundamentalism and not just Islam. This book is ideal for people who want to know more about Islam and also about political Islam. The book is a welcome corrective to the western blind spot. I do not have the time to give a full review but I hope to convey the flavour of the book. The book is written with a minimum of jargon and a maximum of clarity. 1 out of 5 stars Overriding good points are drowned out in Islamophobia kamalnajem 1-Oct-2017 4317 Innocent tragedy meets cowardly brute force as horrendous acts of terrorism are to be seen while victims are to be heard. Things never end well, it is




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Downloadkitabminhajulmuslimpdf28 tadkei

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